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Give the gift of faith – the smallest Bible ever printed on one surface."

What is it?

The Jerusalem Nano Bible includes every single dot, comma, chapter and verse of the New Testament and the Old Hebrew Bible, printed on a 5mm by 5mm silicon chip.

The Israeli company has worked with Tower Jazz Semiconductor to develop the nano technology to allow the Bible to be copied in full onto the tiny chips and then mounted onto precious metals and jewelry such as pendants, watches, bracelets and lockets.

The concept was founded in 2013 by war cameraman and video journalist Ami Bentov. He was inspired by the contrast between faith and prayers for peace, and war and conflicts, and so reached out to Tel Aviv University to develop a product with "a message of comfort for all faiths".

His mission is to "reignite the spiritual dialogue about faith through modern technology", allowing believers to carry the word of God with them wherever they go.

The New Testament includes all 27 books written in Greek, the source of the original translation. The Hebrew Bible contains 24 books, including the Torah.

The spirit and technology of Israel come together to produce the world’s smallest bible printed onto a single 5mm x 5mm surface

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