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Facts and problems to solve

In India very little of the progress, or income from the progress, is reaching the rural areas.

Unfortunately, this failure to spread the wealth has resulted in a very poor underclass in many places remote from the cities. The children in these areas have very limited schooling. Most of them do not have access to a high school, much less being able to advance to or afford college.

The best future that the young people in rural areas can hope for is to follow the footsteps of their parents into either farming or mining. It is extremely hard to make a living farming, with most farmers existing at the subsistence level. Mining is probably an even worse future; it is poorly paid and dangerous.

The worst fate for some of these young people is to be introduced to drugs and become addicted. There are no rehabilitation facilities, and they have no future in their village. Another dangerous path is to join a guerilla group, including the Maoists, fighting against the government or a rival tribe. These people will escape the poverty of their village, but will spend their lives on the run.

Project description

Project David wants to help these young people have better lives by leading them into the path of Christian righteousness. ACCESS is focused on helping people become self-sufficient and improve their live. The best place to start this process is with teens and young adults.

This project will help them find an objective for their lives. We will also help them become the best version of themselves that they can be. ACCESS begins by introducing these youth to Christianity. Christianity will teach them the proper way to live their lives as well as letting them know that Christ has a calling, or mission, for everyone. Some may be called to be farmers while others are called to be artists. There are many ways to follow the path Christ has chosen for each of us.

Project David provides a wide variety of ways for its students to identify and develop their God-given talents. For the artistically inclined, we offer music lessons on a variety of instruments as well as craft classes. For those people who identify strongly with the earth, we teach better ways of using the land and farming.

This project also cultivates skills in the technology field, teaching how to use various types of multimedia equipment. Athletic skills are developed in competitive play. And cultural programs have been developed to help the students feel pride in their heritage and teach it to others.

The goal of Project David is to allow its participants to develop a focus in life and become a successful part of their community. The skills they develop will help them move beyond the confines of their current life.

The tool that is the key to this success is the Christianity workshops that ACCESS teaches explaining the value of each person and how Christ can help them achieve their goals by using the talents that He has given them. These workshops will introduce their students to the multitude of benefits that can be gained by following the words of Christ

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