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Aquilla - Priscilla Projects

Aquilla - Pricilla is nonprofit projects which aim to raise and deploy capital with the intent to solve problems that affect many people. The motivation for this is built initiatives around our mission in order to achieve a self-sustainable organization for relying not entirely on the generosity of both individuals and businesses but to find ways to fund our ongoing projects and overall operations. 

To achieve self-sustainability is part of our long-term vision of reaching those in need bringing them an abundance of life and blessing their lives.

ABA farms

Adonai Beacon Agro Farms is an initiative developed from the mission of providing a source of income for the betterment of the lives of the most neglected communities in India. This project involves 500 families of farmers working on cashews nuts, moringa, and turmeric. 


Our goal for the next year 2020 is to reach 1000 more families who will be able to raise their level of income from 2 dollars daily to 10 dollars.




The Jerusalem Nano Bible includes every single dot, comma, chapter and verse of the New Testament and the Old Hebrew Bible, printed on a 5mm by 5mm silicon chip.



Adonaicity is a project focused on the construction of seven cities of believers dedicated to the peaceful coexistence of the Christian communities across India. A place where all member churches will have the right and liberty to pray and praise the Lord in harmony with all their neighbours.

Our Purpose:

• To prepare a city of praying families for Israel.

• Developing an environment of righteousness in the place and among the people.

• Making a leadership and knowledge hub to serve India.

• Providing 700 believer families a residential land area.

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